Smallville | Episode 158 – ‘Isis’

October 22, 2010 – Clark contemplates telling Lois his secret, while Lois also decides to reveal to Clark that she already knows he is The Blur. Before either can say anything, Lois unwittingly becomes possessed by the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who sets out to resurrect her long lost lover Osiris. Clark and Oliver look to Tess for help in trying to stop Isis, as Osiris’s return will unleash Hell on Earth. Clark sets out to stop Isis, but instead almost becomes the vessel for Osiris before Oliver arrives and informs Clark on how to defeat the goddess. Using his heat vision on Isis’ amulet, Clark successfully releases Lois from possession. Afterward, Clark and Oliver invite Tess to be part of their team and take over Watchtower. Later, Clark finally tells Lois that he is The Blur.