Smallville | Episode 159 – ‘Harvest’ feat. Al Septien and Turi Meyer

October 29, 2010 – Clark and Lois get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, so Clark goes to the nearby town to fix the tire while Lois stays behind. Lois meets a young girl who takes her to a village where the water supply has been contaminated with blue kryptonite. Clark returns to find Lois missing and sets out to look for her. Lois discovers the villagers are planning to sacrifice her to bring continued good crops and health. She and Clark, who is powerless next to the villagers who emit blue kryptonite radiation, are captured. As a result of Lois’s intervention, the villagers eventually move far enough from Clark that he super speeds himself and Lois back to Metropolis where they later make love for the first time. Meanwhile, Tess decides not to stop Alexander’s accelerated growth after realizing that he has all of Lex’s memories and his evil personality. Smalllville writers/producers Al Septien and Turi Meyer (whose credits include ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Kandor’, and ‘Salvation’) join Derek to discuss their haunting episode, ‘Harvest’, which includes a lot of milestones for this final season of the series. The two discuss the episode from its inception, where they drew from to bring Clark and Lois together,