Smallville | Episode 160 – ‘Ambush’

November 5, 2010 – General Sam Lane and Lucy Lane, Lois’s father and sister, come into town to celebrate Thanksgiving with Lois and Clark. While visiting, the General reveals that he is a proponent of a new vigilante registration law, much to the dismay of Clark and Lois. Tess and Oliver discover that the team is being tracked by Rick Flag, who is reforming the Suicide Squad and has sent out an assassination order for the General. Flag launches a missile to kill the General, but it detonates next to Lois. “The Blur” saves Lois, which helps to change the General’s opinion of some vigilantes. Regardless, the vigilante law passes and Flag begins ordering acts of terrorism on anti-vigilante headquarters. Robin and Joe return to discuss the seventh episode of the final season, ‘Ambush’, which brings General Sam Lane and Lucy Lane back to Smallville for Thanksgiving dinner. There’s a full review of the episode inside, plus SHoE and Smallville news, your tweets and emails, spoilers for “Abandoned” and a big announcement from Joe!