Smallville | Episode 121 – ‘Injstuice’

May 7, 2009 – Tess gathers a team of meteor-infected individuals to track Doomsday so that she can give Clark his location, and hopefully convince him to kill Doomsday. One of Tess’ team members pretends to be Chloe in order to trick Clark into killing Doomsday. Instead, Tess learns that Clark plans to use black kryptonite to split Davis from his Doomsday persona, and send the beast into the Phantom Zone. As a result, Tess steals the crystal that opens the Phantom Zone and destroys it, all at the request from a disembodied voice claiming to be from Kandor that emanates from the Kryptonian orb she has. Tess informs Clark that now he has no choice but to kill Doomsday. Meanwhile, Oliver confesses to Clark that he killed Lex, which forces Clark to question who Oliver has become if he’s willing to take another man’s life. This Week On SHoE – Derek begins to wrap up season eight with the next to the last episode, “Injustice.” Not only that but there’s a lot of email to go over, our countdown to the finale and a huge spoiler filled guide to episode 8×22 with all the spoilers that have come out.