Smallville | Episode 170 – ‘Kent’

April 15, 2011 – Martha gives Clark and Lois the deed to the family farm as an early wedding gift, and the two decide it is best to sell the farm and move to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Clark Luthor arrives from the alternate universe and sends Clark in his place before destroying the gateway between the universes. Lois quickly discovers the truth and works with Emil to bring the real Clark back. Clark Luthor reveals himself to Tess and threatens to kill her if she does not help him find Lionel. Lois and Emil are successful and the real Clark saves Tess before Clark Luthor can kill her. Clark Luthor then follows the real Clark to the Fortress of Solitude, where Clark convinces his counterpart to return to his universe and use his powers for good. The countdown begins! Smallville returns after a nearly 6 week hiatus with the first of the final five episodes of the series. They guys reunite to discuss the end of the beginning with “Kent” and all that lies within. There’s a lot of discussion on what these final installments bring to the table.