Smallville | Episode 171 – ‘Booster’

April 22, 2011 – While Lois helps Clark to develop a mild mannered persona, superhero Booster Gold shows up from the future to try to take the spotlight from the Blur. Clark confronts Booster and informs him that a true hero is not made by the suit they wear, but by who they are inside. A young teen, Jaime Reyes, comes in contact with alien technology that encases him in a weaponized robotic suit, thus becoming Blue Beetle. Unable to control the suit, Jaime begins destroying property and injuring people. Inspired, Booster recounts Clark’s words to Jaime and helps him gain control over the suit. Afterward, Clark convinces Booster to mentor Jaime. It’s a special early edition of SHoE! Geoff Johns’ latest installment of Smallville prompted us to get this one out to you guys early, and with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle coming town we wanted to do it right! Join us as we walk you through Tom Welling’s last directed episode of the series.