Smallville | Episode 172 – ‘Dominion’

April 29, 2011 – After learning that General Slade escaped the Phantom Zone, Clark enters the Kryptonian prison to learn who has opened the portal. Oliver follows against Clark’s wishes and the two are captured by General Zod’s soldiers. Zod reveals that, upon entering the Phantom Zone, he met Darkseid who helped him become the ruler of the prison. Zod also reveals that Oliver has the Omega symbol; he then forces Oliver and Clark to fight to the death. When Zod attempts to kill Clark during the fight, the pair steal back the key to the portal and return to Earth. Afterward, Oliver sets out to find the bow of Orion with the hope that it will help them to defeat Darkseid. The gang is all here for the return of General Zod. All the Zod(s)! Steve, Damian, Robin, Derek and Joe come together for a ton of discussion, not only covering the next-to-next-to last episode of Smallville, ‘Dominion’, but also the events of Action Comics 900, specifically Superman renouncing his American citizenship and its affect.