Smallville | Episode 34 – ‘Justice’

January 18, 2007 – Bart, A.C., and Victor return to Smallville with Oliver. Oliver believes Lex is amassing an army of kryptonite-enhanced people in his level 33.1 projects. When Bart is captured, Clark and the others band together to rescue him and destroy Lex’s facility. After completing their mission, Oliver says goodbye to Lois and leaves town with Bart, A.C., and Victor in search of Lex’s other 33.1 facilities. DEREK CALLS ON TUCKER, WILL, AND HOUSTON TO FILM A VIDEO EPISODE: Derek and the SHoE League unite to return to Starkville to review and infiltrate Smallville’s most kept-secret episode this season: “Justice”. The usual hilarity finds the 4-some stuck on a couch and giving you an in-depth look at what they do each week in bringing this podcast to the internet.