Smallville | Episode 47 – ‘Nemesis’

April 26, 2007 – The wife of special forces soldier Wes Keenan kidnaps Lex in an effort to get her husband back from LuthorCorp and hides him in an abandoned tunnel system with bombs planted throughout. Lionel convinces Clark to go in after Lex. With the walls lined with kryptonite, and only a short time before everything collapses, Clark and Lex are forced to work together to escape the tunnels. This Week on SHoE – The guys deliver an in-depth and informative look into the friendship of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent by discussing the nineteenth episode of season six, ‘Nemesis’. Additional topics include the Justice & Doom promotions, countdown to the season finale, real life kryptonite and maybe even a Krypton-like planet. The ‘Nemesis’ contest is over – thanks for all our entries – we’ll announce the winner next week on SHoE! Thanks for being patient with us.