Smallville | Episode 48 – ‘Noir’ feat. James Carrington

May 3, 2007 – Jimmy is knocked unconscious and dreams he’s a reporter for the Daily Planet in 1940. In the present, Chloe and Jimmy try to figure out who shot Lana, but it’s Lois and Lionel who discover that Lex is working with Senator Burke on a project called “Ares”. Chloe learns that Lionel forced Lana to marry Lex, and that he’s using her to spy on Lex. This weekend, Derek, Tucker and Graham hung out with singer/songwriter James Carrington, SHoE flew him into Starkville to play a few gigs, as well as sit in on this week’s podcast. What you’re about to download is the audio from this week’s SHoE. The video version will be available in our feed after Wednesday. We’ve got really great footage of this amazing weekend, so keep it locked on the House of El feed for lots of surprises throughout the week!