Smallville | Episode 66 – ‘Lara’

November 1, 2007 – Clark learns that Kara is in Washington, D.C. looking for the crystal from her ship. Kara learns the exact location of the crystal, but it is not there when she arrives. Clark confronts her in a club, but she flies away. With Jimmy’s help, Kara follows a path to Lex’s mansion, but Agent Carter is waiting. Using kryptonite handcuffs, Carter takes Kara back to Virginia. Using a kryptonite truth serum, Carter attempts to learn about Krypton, but Clark interrupts him and saves Kara with Lionel’s help. Clark shows Lana that he has Kara’s crystal, which contains his birth mother’s DNA. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Steve Glosson from Geek Out Online cover everything, from the Hollywood writers Guild strike, to episode 7×06 of Smallville, “Lara” and all the new topics and theories it has formed, including news on the Superman sequel, casting news and tons of new spoilers – we hope you enjoy this extended episode!