Smallville | Episode 67 – ‘Wrath’

November 8, 2007 – Lightning strikes a windmill on the Kent farm while Clark is weakened by nearby kryptonite; the bolt travels through him and Lana, transferring a portion of his powers to her. After sharing their first intimate moment in two years, Clark begins to worry about Lana’s use of the powers after remembering what happened to Eric Summers and Jonathan Kent when they were imbued with Clark’s powers. Lana becomes more aggressive with the powers, stealing confidential files from Lex—which show that Lex has been keeping what remains of Milton Fine’s ship—and later attacking him. After a battle with Clark, Lana’s powers are reabsorbed when Clark uses a high voltage shock and kryptonite to take the powers back; during the fight, Fine’s remains are released. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Steve try to shake things up a little bit by trying a few technical tricks that will further be fixed in the coming weeks, plus our recap of “Wrath” and news surrounding the WGA strike that will inevitably affect Smallville’s seventh season and the upcoming timeline of SHoE – we’re sorry for the delay in this packed episode but emergencies happen sometimes; and the AAC will be available on Sunday.