Smallville | Episode 68 – ‘Blue’

November 15, 2007 – Clark uses Kara’s crystal to resurrect his mother Lara, but unknowingly brings Zor-El back. Lara unwittingly gives Clark a blue kryptonite ring that strips his powers, while Zor-El tries to take over the world. Lois and Grant’s romantic relationship is discovered by Lex and Chloe. Grant and Lex are revealed to be working together, and Grant is revealed to be Lex’s younger brother Julian Luthor. Clark gets to the Fortress and shatters the crystal, which destroys Zor-El and Lara. Kara is transported to Detroit, Michigan, with no memory of who she is, and Jor-El informs Clark there will be consequences for his repeated defiance. This Week on SHoE – Derek and SHoE contest winner, Stuart take on the eighth episode of season seven, “Blue” – also included is a discussion about the cliffhanger leading us into the only December episode of Smallville, news on Mercy Reef being available on DVD and more details regarding the writer’s guild strike.