Smallville | Episode 71 – ‘Gemini’

December 13, 2007 – Clark and Lana team up to take down Lex. Clark and Lana discover, through an Isis Foundation patient, that Milton Fine is still alive. Adrian, one of Lex’s experimental patients, plants a bomb on Chloe, threatening to kill her if Lois does not get Lex to admit that he is cloning humans. Lois confronts Lex, and, after Lois is knocked unconscious by Lex, it’s revealed that the patient is a failed clone of Lex’s brother Julian. Adrian also reveals that “Grant Gabriel” is the successful clone. Chloe, fearing that she will die, confesses to Jimmy that she was infected by the meteor rocks. In the end, it is revealed that Bizarro has been posing as Clark the entire time, unknown to anyone else, with Clark trapped at the Fortress of Solitude. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Chuck take you on the wild ride that was “Gemini”, while walking you through another 30 days without Smallville. Plus more news on the strike, further speculation on what we’ve already been right about, PLUS – what’s up with Clark?