Smallville | Episode 78 – ‘Fracture’

February 14, 2008 – Lois discovers that Lex has found Kara, who is suffering from amnesia, and follows him to Detroit after her. The busboy at the diner that Kara works is obsessed with her, and when Lex arrives, the busboy shoots him, fearing that he will take Kara away. He then holds Kara and Lois hostage. Clark, in efforts to find them, enters Lex’s mind using experimental LuthorCorp technology; here he discovers Lex’s good side, child Alexander, is still alive. Chloe uses her powers to bring Lex back from the dead, leading to a personal struggle with the moral aspect of her powers. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Steve fight off vacation time and the flu to bring you a long overdue recap of episode twelve of Smallville, “Fracture”. Not only that, we discuss Justice League: The New Frontier, the untimely passing of Heath Ledger, the new Smallville toys in production, and much, much more!