Smallville | Episode 79 – ‘Hero’

March 13, 2008 – Pete Ross chews some kryptonite-laced gum and develops the ability to stretch his body to extreme lengths, which he uses to save Kara’s life from a falling speaker at a OneRepublic concert in an abandoned warehouse. Pete arrives at the Kent farm and gets up to speed on who knows Clark’s secret, before revealing his own power to Clark. Pete decides to reveal his ability to the world, against Clark and Chloe’s advice, but Lex blackmails him into stealing Kara’s bracelet from Lionel’s safe. When Pete does not deliver, Lex tortures him; Clark arrives and saves Pete. Kara, no longer trusting Clark and Lana, stays with Lex, while Clark secretly hides the bracelet. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Steve are back with the triumphant return of Smallville in it’s thirteenth episode of the season, “Hero”. Not to mention huge news regarding our podcasts, big Smallville news leading to the seventh season end, and preparation of the eighth and possibly final season of our favorite show.