Smallville | Episode 103 – ‘Toxic’

October 2, 2008 – Oliver collapses at a fundraiser and reveals to Clark and Chloe that he has been poisoned and only has twelve hours to live. Chloe calls Davis, who attempts to find a cure for Oliver’s ailment, while Clark tries to find out who is responsible. Tess assigns Lois the job of uncovering the truth about Oliver’s “drunken fall” at the fundraiser. While unconscious, Oliver relives the time he was shipwrecked on an island and how he first learned to shoot a bow. He also relives his first meeting with Tess, who was kidnapped while doing marine research in Fiji by a man named Marcos. Clark manages to get an antidote for Oliver, who informs him that Tess will be attacked next. Clark saves Tess before Marcos, who has returned, can kill her. Tess later takes revenge and poisons Marcos before sending him to the hospital to die. This Week On SHoE – Steve and Derek walk you through a Green Arrow-heavy episode of Smallville with the season’s third outing, “Toxic”. Plus news on two new Superman related books, some SHoE merchandise and a new weekly SHoE feature that you’ll want to listen for! Not to mention your emails and more in an all extended episode of SHoE!