Smallville | Episode 120 – ‘Beast’

April 30, 2009 – Clark begins to suspect that Davis is alive, and when the Metropolis police issue a manhunt for Davis, whom they believe to be a local serial killer, Chloe decides it would be best if they both just left Smallville. Clark informs Chloe that he can send Davis to the Phantom Zone using the crystal from the Fortress of Solitude; hearing this, Chloe lies and tells Clark she thinks Davis could be in Alaska. Clark finds Davis in the process of killing Oliver, but he intervenes and takes Davis to the Fortress. Clark uses the crystal to open the Phantom Zone, but Chloe arrives, removes the crystal, and chastises Clark for giving up on Davis. Chloe and Davis leave the Fortress and Smallville, going off the grid so that Clark and Oliver can not track them. This Week On SHoE – Steve and Derek reunite to discuss Doomsday in detail, not only the season finale but the character himself. Not only that but we’ve got news and a trailer for the finale, plus our in-depth look at “Beast” and spoilers for “Injustice”! This is a packed episode you won’t want to miss.