Smallville | Episode 50 – ‘Phantom’

May 17, 2007 – Clark tells Lana the truth about his origins, and learns that Lionel forced her to marry Lex. Martian Manhunter reveals Lionel is working as an emissary for Jor-El. Lois discovers Lex’s research facility. When she is fatally wounded, Chloe sacrifices herself to save Lois’ life. Lana tries to leave Smallville, but is caught in a car bomb; Lex is arrested for her murder. The last phantom copies Clark’s DNA, and becomes a “bizarre” version of Clark. This Week On the One Year Anniversary of SHoE – The second season finale of Starkville’s House of El finds Tucker, Houston, and Derek anxiously awaiting the arrival of Will for his final episode. In the meantime they discuss the season 6 closer.