Smallville | Episode 49 – ‘Prototype’

May 10, 2007 – Lex uses the DNA from meteor-infected individuals, and that of Titan, to turn Wes Keenan into a super soldier. Wes’ first mission is to kill Senator Burke, who has threatened to expose Lex’s operation. Clark battles Wes, and defeats him using his heat vision. Martha takes a job in Washington, D.C. This Week On SHoE – It what will truly be remembered as one of the greatest episodes of the sixth season, Will, Derek, Tucker, and Houston sit down to talk about the impact of ‘Prototype’ in the Smallville universe, and how it’s events will set up next week’s finale. Plus we recap our weekend with James Carrington, discuss our own finale, share some news, laughs, and tears as we prepare to say goodbye to Will.